A few days ago, I strolled around Taobao, and later found a T-shirt very nice, so I went in and looked at it. I feel that the overall store is not bad, and there are many people to buy. So under the product picture and the overall situation of the store, I bought one (the price is about 10 or so). After two days, the fart was up and got the courier, and I couldn’t wait to open it, and then! I am dumbfounded, because the pattern above is printed, and then it is a little faded, and some even have not been printed, then I ran to the business and said, they will pull it, and finally there is no way, only I have planted it.

This incident also made me know why some store items are so expensive and some are so cheap. Whether it is in Taobao or Ali, quality is critical.

Our shop is made of automotive electronics, and our main products are mainly car chargers. Some people enter our store and may think that the price of the car charger in our store is too expensive, so some customers are not willing to go to our store to see, or even not willing to ask. Here, what I want to say is that if you pay for the price, you will be happy with your confidence.

The reason why our store's car charger is expensive is that our car charger is made of aluminum alloy casing and 16-process CNC. The car charger has fast charging speed, good heat dissipation function, and high and low temperature resistance. Easy to carry; the temperature of the car charger during work is -20-60 °C. More importantly, we are using smart chips, which have a maximum conversion rate of 95% and seven security. The car charger has two USB output ports, and the dual port simultaneous output is up to 5V/3.1A, which can carry a wide voltage input of 12V/24V and is also compatible with mainstream models. Therefore, the safety protection of the car charger is really important, because "it" can become a "time bomb" around you at any time.

Here's how to get the right car charger for everyone:

1. The higher the load capacity of the general car charger, the faster the charging of electronic devices such as mobile phones. The charging of the car charger with too low load capacity will cause the charger to be overloaded. The charged mobile phone or other device may be in danger of exploding.

2. Generally, the car charger with strong carrying capacity needs to check its “normal heating”; after working for 20 minutes under the condition of full load, check whether the maximum temperature of the surface exceeds the standard (the maximum temperature cannot exceed 95°C); the general volume A slightly larger heat sink is better.

3. In the case of testing the vehicle charger for a short circuit fault, the safety performance of the product is also very important. If a car charger suddenly explodes when the line is short-circuited, if such a situation occurs in a moving car, the damage may not only be the car charger itself, but also may damage the car's power supply system, causing the car to suddenly lose control, and the consequences are unimaginable.

Hope that the friends must choose when buying things! ! !